Oil Mist Extraction Systems

Industrial Air Filtration EquipmentREVEN UK are specialists in the supply of industrial air filtration equipment. We offer a wide range of oil mist extraction equipment to meet your environmental requirements. All equipment is guaranteed to meet HSE Regulations.

Oil Mist Filters. We can supply everything from single units to multi-point filtration systems to control oilmist, dust, fumes & vapour.


X-Cyclone Technology

REVEN® developed the X-CYCLONE® mechanical separator system in close cooperation with the industry. This equipment dispenses with auxiliary energy supply and is particularly well suited for the separation of harmful substances in the form of oil mist, aerosols and vapours.


Low Maintenance Costs


Our products are easy to clean and maintenance expenditure is low. Throw-away products that must be replaced at regular intervals are not needed. Therefore, operation and maintenance are far more cost efficient than with conventional air cleaners.

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X-Cyclone RJ series and C Series

The X-CYCLONE® system

The X-CYCLONE® system is best suited for the separation of air-borne substances such as aerosols, mist, vapour and fine dusts that are released during manufacturing and finishing processes in food processing and manufacturing industry.‏‏ Our air cleaners have been installed in areas such as:

  • Food processing
  • Production processes on machine tools in the mechanical sector
  • Commercial cooking equipment in restaurant, hotel and canteen kitchens
  • Drilling processes on oil rigs
  • UV lacquering facilities
  • Plasticizer-polluted vapours from injection moulding facilities.